Building Virtual Worlds

A collection of games and interactive experience created in two-week sprints.

Instructed by Prof. Jesse Schell and
Prof. David Culyba at CMU ETC.

Platform: Unity with Magic Leap, Vive, etc.


A 2D rhythm platformer that’s meant to simulate the experience of being deaf.

An Interactive Media Arts Senior Capstone Project at New York University Shanghai.

Platform: Unity


An interactive experience inspired by the
concept of Meta-medium and Recursion.

Instructed by Prof. Sheldon Brown
at NYU Shanghai IMA.

Platform: Unity

Trouble in Fabletown

A 4-player thematic card game based on the comic series Fables.

Instructed by Jesse Fuchs at NYU Game Center.



2D Dungeon Crawler inspired by “What Home Means to You”,
the prompt of 2019 Global Game Jam.

Platform: Unity


A 2D puzzle game featuring still graphics. It is inspired by “Medicine”, one of the prompts of 2018 NetEase Mini Game Competition.

Platform: Unity


A 2D puzzle adventure game inspired by one of the prompts of 2018 NetEase Mini Game Competition, “Kun (鲲)”, a mystic creature in ancient Chinese mythology.

Platform: Unity